The website of the International Day for the End of Grind

Who are we?

This is an initiative of the French organization C'est Assez! which has been campaigning since 2014 for the end of captivity and cetacean massacres around the world. The association has become known for its field actions and its in-depth work to change the legislation framing dolphinaria in France. 

Thanks to the mobilization of volunteers and activists, cetacean captivity in France will be abolished in 2027 (with an exception for scientific research).

A 100% volunteer association, C'est Assez! is omnipresent on social networks in order to raise public awareness about the conditions of captive cetaceans and the various dangers that wild cetaceans face in their natural environment.


Informing, raising awareness, taking action, these are the key values of the organization C'est Assez!