The website of the International Day for the End of Grind

Why an international day?

The goal is to strengthen the fight against the Grind by uniting people around the world in a common goal to save hundreds of small cetaceans. We are convinced that if activists from around the world speak with one voice, at the same time, we can send a clear message to the Faroese authorities: the people of the world are united in their respect for marine life and want these killings to stop and this tradition to change.
At a time when animal welfare is becoming more and more important in our modern societies and when we realize how essential the ocean and its biodiversity are to the balance of our planet, it is becoming urgent to put an end to these massacres that are useless to our survival, and even counter-productive.


In 1984, the Azores banned whaling, although for a long time, whaling was a significant source of income for its inhabitants.

Since then, the archipelago has relied more on whale watching activities and scientific research. 

In February 2022, Iceland announced its intention to stop whaling by 2024 in order to promote whale watching activities.

In 2015, Nepal ended the world's largest traditional slaughter of animals (pigs, cows, goats, pigeons...), evolving a 300-year-old tradition in the name of animal welfare. 

We sincerely believe that the Faroe Islands can follow this path. Progress is achieved by abolishing the most barbaric traditions.